Action Research Project

My action research project addressed the lack of basic math skills in Mississippi's students, particularly at North Panola High School.  Mathematics is a tiered subject.  Before a student can understand multiplication, they must understand addition, before they can understand addition they must understand the basic concept of a number having a magnitude and direction.  Math is a continuous process that builds on what has been learned before.  Many students get by in mathematics classes using memorization.  However, if they do not have a conceptual understanding of the basic mathematics, they have no foundation for upper level mathematics.

I chose to address this problem because it was, and still is, one I was facing at North Panola High School.  Many of my students struggle with basic math skills such as translating word problems into algebraic expressions performing operations using positive and negative numbers.  As a result, answering basic algebra questions becomes increasingly difficult. 

My action research proposal is focused on discovering how to improve the basic math skills of algebra I students.  To do this, my first focus would be to discover exactly what basic skills are required for algebra I students specifically.  Second, I would investigate what basic skills the students lack, or think they lack, and how they have compensated for that lack.  Lastly, I would be interested in what techniques have been used in the past to improve their basic skills.

This research could be used to improve my students basic math skills.  First, the research would tell me exactly what skills need to be improved.  Second, the research will bring to my attention what methods would work best, by learning which methods have been used in the past and the students' reactions to those methods. 

My complete action reseach proposal can seen by clicking on the link below.

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